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Nice to see You… Engagement Shoots at Your Perfect Day

Lately I’ve really enjoyed shooting upcoming clients in Pre-Wedding Engagement shoots – It is a fact that it’s always nice to see people before their wedding. We meet, usually in my studio over a cup of coffee, to gauge ideas on what they want from their wedding photography, what ideas they have for special moments for the day that I might need to capture and generally have a catch up.

For some couples, it can be a long time between our initial meeting at a Wedding Fair, to a potential booking meeting, then to the actual wedding with some couple’s ebooking 2 years in advance SO it’s always nice to take some shots and put them at ease before the big day.

Doing an Engagement Photo Shoot enables the couple to get used to the camera and really begin to feel at ease being the centre of attention. This approach also provides a great opportunity to have a great photo of your both displayed at your Wedding Reception!

What’s exciting me about these shoots is the bespoke nature of them – Some couples just want some lovely candid photography of themselves, but some come up with huge ideas and want sets, outfits and props for their shoot! It’s a great way to break the ice photographically before the big day, and i’d urge everybody to have a little think about all the fun and creative things you can do!

Sometimes its a simple wander around the area that surrounds my LCB Depot studio, in Leicester (see examples above and below, 2 different couples, the below pictures were taken outside St Georges Church in Leicester.) but some people come up with amazing ideas for picnic themed shoots, shoots in abandoned buildings, shoots literally anywhere! Inspire us, we LOVE to shoot new stuff. This weekend I’m shooting a couple down at Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, they want a picnic, shabby chic feel, and have sourced loads of props – VERY EXCITED!

Everybody loves photography – and with Facebook, Twitter and other social media it surrounds us (and a good way to brag too!), and we feel that these candid and relaxed sessions not only set you up for the big day, but they also work really nicely as “thank you” cards or even actual invitations! Whats right for you is right for you, so be it scuba diving in a shark infested tank (a little extreme in my opinion) to just relaxing in the sunshine, if you like the idea of this, dont hesitate to get in touch and lets throw some ideas around.

What will your story say?

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