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Chris Denner

I try to put everything I have into everything I do simply because I don’t know any other way! I hate being bored…
Documentary photography is a technique I love to use when shooting weddings, I love to tell stories through imagery – to deliver a visual narrative.
My influences in music and contemporary art contribute to a smaller but just as important part of the capture process, as I also love to include very dynamic and dramatic imagery when it comes to your bridal portraits. I want to create artwork for your walls, imagery that you’ll love, not just photographs to go into an album, on a shelf.
Since going full time with my wedding business in 2007 I still pinch myself that I get to shoot weddings all over the UK and worldwide. I really do feel like I’m living some sort of a dream.
These days I’m living in a cool, gothic inspired house with the girl I love.

When I’m not hanging out at weddings, I spend most of my free time playing guitar, reading or playing with my little cockapoo Indy.
Anyway, that’s my story.
I’d love to hear yours.
– Chris

Kimmy Denner

(Yes that’s right, I’m Chris’ better half)
I’m a photographer, social media princess, vegan, and avid tea drinker who loves to travel.
For me weddings are so much more than the ‘big event’ – they’re also about the finer details, the intimate and natural connections between people and those little things a bride and groom may miss on the day but will look back on and smile. All of which create a much more ‘all encompassing’ reflection of your day and are great for building your wedding storybook album.
My style is subtle and purely documentary – while Chris specialises in the spectacular bridal portraits we are known for, my interests lie in observing people in a very natural way at your wedding.
When I’m not shooting I’m actively avoiding the gym (seriously life’s too short), gushing over any dog I see, or getting involved in charitable activities. And drinking tea. Always tea.
– Kimmy